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Our online services help businesses, entreprenuers and salespeople earn money within a short amount of time and keep more money in your pocket. Grow your business like a seasoned professional.

Our Value Proposition

Audety was developed to autopilot advertising and marketing tasks. We provide hands-off promotion services for your website or personal brand without charging separately for pay per click campaign management, social media management, advertising, SEO, mobile website and native application development, web hosting or email marketing services. Audety provides the perfect advertising solution for one low monthly cost.
Audety - Your marketing team in a box.

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Increase Sales By At Least 25% Within 90 Days

Get More Customers

Controlled Business Growth

Establish Your Brand

Enjoy More Free Time

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

2% of Google's advertisers get 50% of the traffic. Our job is to land you in that top 2%. We place and expertly manage your PPC ads for you at no extra cost for clicks. Drive more web traffic and sales conversions.

Mobile Website/Native App Development

We will build you a mobile website or native application that will work best for your type of business. Optimize your website for smartphones and get downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Expert SEO

Audety's SEO team will get your website 1st page ranking on Google search. Our 6 stage SEO system works every time. SEO is included in every VIP advertising package we offer. Take you business to the next level with us.

Web Hosting

Get both website hosting and email marketing for one low price! Solid State Drives are at least twice as efficient as standard server hard drives. As a managed hosting company, we take care of the system performance and network up-time monitoring 24/7 as well as all security patch updates.


Have you ever been reading an article on CNN and suddenly noticed an ad there for the golf clubs you were looking at on Amazon a couple of days ago? That's no coincidence. You've been targeted by a remarketing campaign. Remarketing is the single most profitable online advertising strategy. We include remarketing in all your PPC campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Management

Our team of social media experts will set-up, design and promote your company's Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest pages. Building an active and sizable community of people interested in your business is paramount in every effective online marketing strategy.

Our expertise

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Your product or service ads are posted on the worlds most used online marketplace search engines. Google Adwords, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook ads are recognized as the worlds premier providers of online advertising used by companies both large and small. Our Ads team will constantly optimize your ads to deliver a high click-through rate to maximize your exposure and sales. There is no additional charge for these ads through Audety.


    Automatic E-Mail Syntax Verification & De-Duplication.
    Only unique and valid records are imported from your lists.
    Targeted Response Email Lists
    Easily target specific geographic areas nationally to reach only the prospects that are most likely to buy your product or service. Our lists work for any company, any product, any service, every time, because it's based on the behaviors of individuals buying the product or service, not the product or service itself. Be sure you're getting the highest rate of return from your advertising campaigns.
    Spam Check
    Your messages are checked through Spam Assassin and our proprietary spam check system before we send.
    Schedule eBlasts for a future date and time or send immediately.
    Whitelisted SMTPs
    We whitelist our SMTP accounts with all available free whitelists.
    List Scrubbing
    We use bounce processing to get rid of 99% of hard bounces and 97% of spam traps.

Our experienced Advanced Support Team will build your mobile website or mobile application, manage your hosting and search engine optimization to provide you with the best stress-free business solution available anywhere. You have our guarantee on that.

AdWords is way more complicated than when it was introduced. Our friends in Mountain View continue to throw up roadblocks. And the devil's in the details. The devil will either swallow you up, or else open up new opportunities for capturing even more profitable traffic. Opportunities that are increasingly difficult for rivals to mine. The gulf between the winners and the whiners continues to widen. This will not stop. Right now Google gives advertisers in the "Premium Listings" (the colored space at the very top) extra real estate and the three there get more traffic than the other eight advertisers combined. The increasing complexity of AdWords works AGAINST you if you're behind the curve. It works FOR you if you're ahead of the curve. Once you've gained a foothold, it becomes increasingly difficult for competitors to enter your market. (This has never been more true than right now.) The landscape grows more slippery with each passing month.
- Perry Marshall
Are you going to fall behind? Or are you going to hire the masters to work this thing for you? We hire only the best Adwords experts for our pay per click advertising team. Get your business into that top 2% and hire our team of experts to work for you!

There's No Substitute For Audety

($259 month
with free hosting!)
Orange Soda
($1,174 month
plus ad costs)
Digital Sherpa
($1,154 month)
($1,000 month plus
% of ad spend)
The Content Factory
($5,000 month)
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